Secure Software Design – C706

Very similar experience to C700, in that I more or less just took the preassessment and the objective assessment back to back. I did hit an unexpected fishhook with the OA, though, as it directly correlated two aspects which I had previously only regarded independently. I can’t be certain exactly how I did with those questions of course, but that’s where I felt weakest during the exam, and the section which showed me as weakest in the coaching report.

While I still passed on that attempt, I nonetheless went back and reviewed all the aspects of the Security Development Lifecycle with an eye to how they fit together, and some lightbulbs went off. I’ve very glad I did this, as doing so helped in later writing. I highly advise anyone who has a similar experience to take the time and address weaknesses made aware to them before diving forward, as almost all of this degree program is interconnected. Defense in depth requires education in depth. Or whatever.

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